Assessment Project Name



KCH International. Netherlands

Project description

This assessment tool, composed of a questionnaire for self-evaluation and a comprehensive evaluation grid/rubrics, was developed by KCH INTERNATIONAL (The Netherlands), and is part of the work package of the 2013 European EU-MOVE project, developed under the Leonardo Da Vinci “Transfer of Innovation” 2007-2013 programme. (conceived for use by students as a self-assessment tool during international school exchange programmes structured around apprenticeship experiences at foreign companies). The tool also contains an evaluation grid to be filled by the trainee’s supervisor. Upon return from the work experience, students undertake a series of meetings with qualified teaching staff intended to encourage challenging and critical reflection on the experience.

Further details

Competences assessed

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intercultural communication
  • Metacognition
  • Relation to teacher/instructor
  • Ability to receive and reflect on guidance
  • Behavior in training situations
  • Mood/satisfaction with work
  • Absence – number of hours  date – date

Assesment Method

  • (Project) Work Experience Abroad
  • (Observation) Check-List
  • (Individual) Self-assessment

Staff Involved

  • Teacher
  • Self-Assessment


INDIVIDUAL or CLASS-LEVEL, depending on the number/share of students per class participating to the programme.

Purpose of the assesment tool

  • Qualitative (Formative)
  • Quantitative (Summative)


  • Self-Assessment
  • Track-record of improvement potential