Assessment Project Name



EUC – SYD. Sonderborg Denmark

Project description

The purpose of this simple assessment tool is to train the apprentice’s self-assessment competences as well as his/her abilities to reflect and argue on personal competences

Further details

Competences assessed

  • Interest in the profession
  • Performance
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Cooperativeness
  • Punctuality and accuracy
  • Independent
  • Relation to colleagues/other apprentices
  • Relation to teacher/instructor
  • Ability to receive and reflect on guidance
  • Behavior in training situations
  • Mood/satisfaction with work
  • Absence – number of hours  date – date

Assesment Method

The tool can be reshaped to suit the training that the apprentice is attending whether it’s school-based or work-based, a special subject taught or the module in general.

The tool can be used during or at the end of a module depending on the purpose of the assessment.

Staff Involved

  • Teacher
  • Self-assesment
  • Instructor


The tool can be developed to match many different contexts – here it’s often used by teachers in relation to a project or a module to stimulate the apprentice’s self-assessment competencies. But it is also used in group evaluations, where the group has to agree on their team-performance and afterwards reflect and argue for their assessment in cooperation with a teacher/instructor.

Purpose of the assesment tool

This tool is not meant to generate a final mark/qualification, but it can serve as a tool that can help explain to the apprentice where he/she could improve performance to gain a better mark.


  • Self-assessment
  • Improvement potential