Assessment Project Name



Mondragoi Eskola. Arrasate, Basque Country, Spain

Project description

• To change the assessment method towards another competence-based assessment method.

• To describe a system for collecting and recording assessment data that enable teachers the qualification of students.

• To diversify the strategies in classroom to assess learning outcomes.

Further details

Competences assessed

European framework for grades and competences identified from labour market.

Assesment Method

This is a continuous assessment model. There isn’t a final assessment. Is a global evaluation of the student that allows students pass the course or not.

Staff Involved

  • Teacher


The students work in groups in a learning environment based on projects (PBL). The teachers also work together bringing to the centre real-world challenges which require different kind of competences to be solved.

Purpose of the assesment tool

The result of the assessment is meant as a platform for a dialogue between students and teachers.


  • Qualifications and statements of attainment.
  • Improvement potential.