Assessment Project Name



EUC-SYD. Sonderborg, Denmark

Project description

The purpose of this tool is to measure the progression of the apprentice during the work based part of his/her apprenticeship. The assessment is done in cooperation between instructor and apprentice and ends up in a graphical picture that illustrates the performance level of the apprentice. The idea is that the assessment is carried out on several stages of the educational program in order for apprentice and instructor to be aware of areas where the apprentice is performing well and where there is room for improvement.

Further details

Competences assessed

European framework for grades and competences identified from labour market.

Assesment Method

Prior to every work based module instructor and apprentice sits together and goes agrees on the level of competencies that has to be reached during the module.

Staff Involved

  • Self-assessment Instructor


The assessment is done as part of the work based modules (DK has a dual sandwich-type VET system where the apprentice spends time in work based modules in a company/college and college based modules). For the college based modules other types of assessment is made eg. Individual tests, group tests, projects etc.

Purpose of the assesment tool

This tool is not meant to generate a final mark/qualification, but it can serve as a tool that can help explain to the apprentice where he/she could improve performance to gain a better mark.


  • Self-assessment
  • Improvement potential