Assessment Project Name

SET Tool


Tknika. Errenteria, Basque Country, Spain

Project description

The assessment is carried out on several stages of the educational programme in order for student and teacher to be aware of areas where the student is performing well and/or of areas where, on the contrary, he has to improve. This information is offered to students as feedback so that they can acquire commitments of improvement for the following stages.

The assessment ends up in a graphical picture that illustrates the progress of the students’ competences.

Further details

Competences assessed

  • Team work
  • Learning to learn
  • Creative mindset and innovation

Assesment Method

At the beginning of every challenge, teachers and students sit together and talk about the level of competences that has to be reached during this challenge. They also talk about the way these competences are going to be assessed along the programme (rubrics). In general, the minimum technical competence level is based on the curriculum, but regarding transversal competences, the level is decided according to the needs of the work environment.

Staff Involved

  • Teacher Self-Assessment
  • Peer Assessment
  • External assessment


The students work in groups in a learning environment based on challenges. The teachers also work together bringing to the centre real-world challenges which require different kind of competences to be solved.

Purpose of the assesment tool

The purpose of this tool is to measure the evolution of students’ level on both technical and transversal competences in a learning environment based on challenges.


  • Qualifications and statements of attainment
  • Self-assessment
  • Improvement potential