Assessment Project Name

The Finnish Competence-based Qualification System



Project description

  • To assess the students with a competence-based assessment method
  • To describe a national vocational qualification system completed as competence-based qualifications
  • To offer the adults a flexible way of demonstrating, renewing and maintaining their vocational competence
  • To include the key competences for lifelong learning in the in the curriculum.
Further details

Competences assessed

  • Finnish National Board of Education

Assesment Method

The curriculum for each qualification is made by the Finnish National Board of Education. In the document annexed several aspects are described for each module.

Staff Involved

  • Teacher
  • Self-assessment
  • External


Purpose of the assesment tool

Qualitative / Formative

Quantitative / Summative


  • Qualifications and statements of attainment
  • Self-assessment
  • Improvement potential