Repository of Key Reources.


The aim of the reference guide and repository is to map the existing literature with the aim of creating an overview of different viewpoints of assessment of competence in vocational education with a particular focus on transversal competences.

The goal is to clarify some of the important elements that constitute existing definitions and models of the assessment of competences and of transversal competences, in order to give the schools in the project ‘a roadmap’ that they can use to create their own ways of assessing competences given the particular conditions of their institutions.

The notion of competence in itself seems to evade the development of a model since competence is defined as an appropriate act, which is specific to the situation at hand.

What is considered an appropriate act and competent performance varies from context to context.

Even within particular sectors what is considered a competent performance in one organization is considered incompetent in another organization.

Additionally, what is considered an appropriate act varies over time. What is considered competent is different today than what it was a few years ago.

The notion transversal competence is important, in the sense that it is this type of competences that enable people to adapt to changing work situations.